Q.  I live in Las Vegas or am coming to Las Vegas on Vacation, Are you available for in person, personal training?

A.  Yes, I am available for personal training in Las Vegas. Just Contact me here and we can set it up.

Q.  I am an Elite Lifter, why would I need a Coach/Trainer?

A.  Every Major Sport Professional athlete has a Strength and Conditioning coach.   It Doesn’t matter if your a beginner, or elite athlete, everyone can benefit from having personalized coaching.

Q.  Do you only train Power lifters and Strength athletes?

A.  Strength training is the foundation of all sports.  I have trained a wide array of athletes Football,Baseball,Basketball,MMA,Boxing,Track and Field, basically any sport where strength and speed are required. I can develop a personalized training program that will optimize your training and performance.

Q.  Is this just a cookie cutter weight training program that is the same for everyone?

A. Absolutely not, I develop personalized programs to each individual athlete.  I customize each program based on several factors, goals,genetics,experience level,supplementation and time constraints.

Q.  I am a equipped power lifter, do you offer training program’s for geared lifters?

A.  I look at strength in a basic perspective. The stronger you are, the more weight you are able to lift.   I focus on getting you stronger by building your core foundation strength which will increase all your lifts, raw  and geared.